Success Stories

Positively transforming lives.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, our charitable programs are caring for those who urgently need our help and producing many success stories like these:

Visitation Homes

At Visitation Homes, I got my independence back.

- Karimah

Life for Karimah was never easy. She grew up around a parent who suffered from drug addictions, and her own struggles with substance abuse began around age 15. Fighting her addiction, she completed three years of college and held two different jobs, but her situation worsened as she became pregnant and ended up in a homeless shelter with her infant daughter.

Life turned around for Karimah when she was referred to Visitation Homes, part of Catholic Social Services, where she was granted her own furnished apartment. She was eventually able to resume responsible living, paying rent and saving up her money.

Casa del Carmen

When I call or come to Casa del Carmen, I really am en casa – at home. It is like being with my family back in the Dominican Republic. I am very thankful for all the good that Casa has brought into my life.

- Loanny

Loanny came to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic in 2006 with her ten-year-old son. Even after getting married, she felt alone and in need of help. Casa del Carmen not only provided her with material assistance, but also offered her a warm and loving community. Through classes and groups at Casa, Loanny was able to form solid friendships and create a network of other trusted relationships.

Foster Care and Adoption

Catholic Social Services was always there with the support we needed to be good foster parents. We feel we are doing something with the Church in welcoming these children into our family.

- Maureen and Paul Z.

Maureen and Paul Z. were saddened to hear that complications during Maureen’s third pregnancy would prevent Maureen from having any more children. Despite these difficulties, they still prayed for a larger family.

Maureen and Paul felt their prayers might be answered when they saw a Catholic Social Services ad seeking foster care parents in their parish bulletin. They became foster parents, providing loving homes for many children and eventually permanently adding some of the children to their family.

Nutritional Development Services

Hunger affects adults, children and seniors every day throughout our community.

Yvone P. relies on the food pantry at St. Helena’s in Philadelphia to feed her children and young grandchild. As a diabetic, the food pantry not only supplies her with essential food for her family, but Sister Anna Marie, a trained RN, also provides Yvone with important nutritional guidance to support a healthy diet.

Nutritional Development Services (NDS), part of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, partners with parishes, school, and community groups to collect non-perishable food which is then shared with food pantries located throughout the Philadelphia area.

NDS has a clear and concise mission—to provide for the nutritional needs of children and to alleviate the hunger in our community. The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia is proudly partnering with NDS to fulfill this mission throughout the community. Together, we can make a difference for those in need, such as Yvone and her young family.

Catholic Health Care Services

With the growing number of seniors and the potential changes in health care, there is a great need for senior health care services in our community.

St. Monica Manor, a regional leader in short term senior rehab, is one of the important programs offered by Catholic Health Care Service, a division of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Specifically, the program addresses the ongoing needs of seniors in the community through physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, post-surgical care, IV therapy, among many other crucial rehab services.

As a result of the specialized care provided, St. Monica Eldercare has successfully prevented institutionalizations and hospitalizations on behalf of their senior patients.

Built on a social and spiritual model, St. Monica is the first of its kind to deliver the care the community needs to keep our seniors healthy in mind, body, and spirit. And, for Minnie, this program has been life changing.

Divine Providence Village

Living with a developmental disorder presents a unique set of challenges to Barbara and her family. Divine Providence Village, a residence for women with developmental disorders, allows Barb’s six siblings to continue their loving relationships with Barb while offering Barb the structure and routine she needs.

Barb is active in nearly everything that DPV has to offer, from Irish dancing to being an altar server, and she has formed close relationships with the workers on DPV’s campus. For women like Barb, DPV provides the chance to have a comfortable and stable life.

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